New app released!

1000 Words logo

Hello everyone,

I’ve just had my first ever macOS app approved and it’s now available on the Mac App Store. It’s a writing tool and it’s called 1000 Words.

Free-writing is a technique to help getting you writing instead of thinking about writing by just sitting down and typing anything that comes into your head without stopping to censor yourself. The problem is that it’s our nature to procrastinate by correcting, rearranging and generally twiddling rather than typing!

1000 Words helps by removing just about every distraction from the app; editing is severely restricted and you can’t save any text until you reach your target or decide to Quit the app. If you Quit you will be back to square one as 1000 Words does not open any documents – it only lets you create them.

It is not a text editor. It is a tool to help you write 1000 Words. Have a look – it’s available to download on the Mac App Store now.