Identicode 2.0

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A new feature for you secret agents out there – use the camera to grab those encrypted messages and quickly get to decoding!

Previously you have had to enter the coded messages by hand but now Identicode can take advantage of the swanky tech in your device and extract the text for you and enter it straight into the text area ready for conversion!

This is quite a bonus for agents on critical missions where time is of the essence when getting the message into Identicode and acting on it, so now you’ll be ready get going in no time.

This feature requires at least iOS15, but agents should always have the latest kit on their missions …

Touchy feely

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There’s a new update to Identicode which can be enjoyed by those of you with newer phones – there is now a little physical feedback when tapping the buttons which just adds a little more realism and, let’s be honest, fun, to the app.

There is also another tweak for everyone in that when you’ve converted code to plain or vice versa, the Convert button is disabled until you change the input. Previously you could have it repeatedly convert the same text which was a bit silly (though I don’t suppose anyone did!)

I hope these add some fun and practicality.

It was 9 years ago today

Newspaper clipping
Pink Plaques launch announcement

I find it hard to believe but here is the first announcement to the wider world of the launch of Pink Plaques – the guide and tour app I co-authored with Rose Collis. “Believed to be the first” and as far as know, it still is.

We’d independently both had the same idea and as luck would have it Rose joined the same LGBT choir, Rainbow Chorus, of which I was a member. We chatted over a beer one night after choir … and look what happened.

The content hasn’t changed since 2019 (except for very few grammar corrections) as it’s a historical guide to Brighton not a mini-Spartacus and so doesn’t need to be kept up to date. I’ve corrected a few URLs where businesses have changed but I rely on others to let me know if they find them.

I still think it’s great; Rose’s text is as touching, informative, eyebrow raising and funny as it ever was and I’ve updated the interface over the years, adding a few niceties and ensuring it works with Apple’s ever expanding range of devices. The most recent change being that it now runs as a native app on the iPad, though I’ve not redesigned it fully in that respect but at least you now get the benefit of much larger photos and the map certainly benefits from an iPad enormously, as well as any related web sites.

I’d like to think it (and me!) will still be going strong in another 9 years.

Native on Apple Silicon

M1 processor
M1 processor

Doh! I forgot to mention when I posted a recent update for 1000 Words that it is now runs natively on Apple’s latest Macintosh designs with their own M1 chip. It’s not a demanding app but it’s nice all the same, isn’t it?

All apps now updated!

Well, I wasn’t expecting to update everything, but due to the new website, the links in Bargain and Identicode needed updating too. Also, I’m not able to change the links on the App Store without submitting updates, so here we are! 🙂

1000 Words V1.1 update

1000 Words app icon

I’ve made a couple of enhancements to this handy app:

  • It now updates the word count if you delete a word whereas previously only adding a word would update it.
  • The Help file has been improved.
  • The app’s icon has been refreshed to better match with the style of Big Sur, though it appears regardless of which version of macOS you are running.

Privacy ratings added

Apple now require developers to answer a number of questions about what their apps do with any user information and this is now shown against every so updated app on the App Store. I’m sorry for the delay in updating these but a number of personal events stopped me doing any updates for a while.

I’m very pleased to say that none of my apps collect any data from you. The only one even approaching that is Pink Plaques which shows your location on the map, but that’s all it does. If you have any questions about this just drop me a line.

New look website

A very big thanks to Chris who has given my website a great makeover. It’s nicer to use, has a bit of life added to it all and even an “Easter egg” (sort of) if you have a look around.

All running fine on iOS 14

Just a quick post to say that all my iOS/iPadOS apps run fine on the iOS 14 Beta so far. I haven’t been able to try 1000 Words yet as I don’t have macOS 11 installed, but when I do I’ll be checking it out for you.

I don’t suppose we will have long to wait.

Identicode crossword from TVC21

I was reading an old copy of the wonderful TV Century 21 and chanced upon a whole page devoted to Identicode, including a crossword!

I’ve included the page below so that you can try it for yourself.

Something I’ve considered adding to Identicode is text recognition using Apple’s vision framework, that way that large chunk of Encoded Blue Text below could be entered directly into Identicode from your device’s camera. It’s never a problem when encoding but as the coded text makes no sense to us it’s easy to mistype.