Bargain V2.1 now live

Apple have just passed my recent update to Bargain. 🙂 Previously, once you’d found a bargain, if you did “Shake to clear”, when you re-entered values in the previous “bargain boxes” the text would still appear green – that’s now fixed and it’s back to black. The other thing is a little helper in that the […]

Decisions on coding my next app

Geek Alert! My next app will need a sophisticated database. I had planned to use Apple’s Core Data framework which seemed perfect for the job, but since then I’ve learned that there’s a relatively new kid on the block, namely Realm. Core Data’s competence is not in question, but I’ve read a fair bit on […]

Identicode V1.2 now live

Apple has just passed my latest update to Identicode – no new features but a couple of bug fixes. I’ll detail these in a day or so on the release notes page on my site. I have one new feature which I plan to implement in 1.3 which I think could be fun. Also, I’m […]