Hello and welcome

Hello readers 🙂

The Black Tablet website has just had a major facelift and I now have this associated blog. On my previous site my thoughts that I wrote from time to time were intermixed with details about app updates and the like. News about app updates will now be announced via Twitter leaving this blog to be, I hope, rather more focussed.

It will be a little patchy just for now but I hope to blog more regularly than I did and I plan to bring over posts from my previous version of the site.


Watch this space for more in the near future.

3 replies on “Hello and welcome”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    I’m doing research into LGBTQ digital history and wondered if I could talk to you about Brighton Pink Plaques. I’ve tried to email via the app. but it’s not working, so figured here would be best! If you could email me on the included address or send on a contact I’d be most grateful.


    1. Since my website revamp the email address in the app no longer works – an update will be heading for the App Store very soon.

      Thanks Claire.

  2. Really good news about your website man. I’ll be watching out for posts on your new blog. Good luck.

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