50 years of Thunderbirds and more

Who would have believed it!? Thunderbirds, one of my favourite TV programmes ever from my childhood (and I still love it today) is having another three episodes made – with puppets, the same voices, in the same building as the original series, and clearly with the same love and care. Wonderful – and I can’t […]

Updated Identicode and Pink Plaques now available

Apple have now approved the latest version of these two apps for sale. ūüôā Identicode¬†V1.3 now has a share button allowing you to use the standard iOS share sheet¬†to send ¬†your coded or decoded message to fellow agents or¬†otherwise process as you wish – perhaps filing them in your message list in the new iOS […]

App updates waiting for Apple to review

Apple now have three of my¬†apps in their queue(s) to review. Due to some unplanned last minute changes to Dicewords and Dicewords-X I have not yet sent those two to Apple but I hope that will happen in the next few days, if not then next week. Mostly all were running fine anyway but I’ve […]

Apps are looking good for iOS9

I’m now running iOS 9 and all my apps are looking good except for Identicode which looks as though it was designed for a 3.5″ screen! It will be sorted before iOS 9 is released, have no fear. I will be incorporating a few of Apple’s new features into some of the apps where it […]

Identicode V1.2 now live

Apple has just passed my latest update to Identicode – no new features but a couple of bug fixes. I’ll detail these in a day or so on the release notes page on my site. I have one new feature which I plan to implement in 1.3 which I think could be fun. Also, I’m […]

Identicode now released … and updated!

I recently released my latest app which is the app equivalent of the ‚ÄėIdenticode‚ÄĚ blue/red code translator in the TV Century 21 Magazine. Not only that but I forgot to post the launch and now I‚Äôm sending an update to Apple already! I was a big fan of Thunderbirds as a kid (and as an […]